We Are A Fully Integrative Clinic in Scottsdale Offering Treatment For Pain, Nerves, Vascular and More

We treat most symptoms before they lead to more severe permanent  conditions

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Who We Are

Restore Vascular Center was founded on Restoring patients to a quality of life they may have thought unattainable.

Saving limbs and the ability to stay active enjoying life is our main goal with every patient. Alongside excellent providers we treat our patients like family around here. Respect and a positive attitude towards life and treatment is how we operate.

At Restore Vascular, we go beyond what you can see to treat the underlying cause of vein disease and neuropathy, using treatments specifically designed to give our patients the improved blood flow, decreased fatigue, healthy looking legs with a new outlook on life 

Personalized Treatment for Neuropathy, Vein Care, Nerve Discomfort & Vascular System

Minor Ailments Today Can Lead to Serious Health Risks Later

Our Treatments Heal many Lingering Conditions like Venous Insufficiency, Circulation Issues & Nerve Pain, while Avoiding Complications

Lingering leg pain, Varicose Veins or tingling in your extremities should never be ignored. This can lead to an increased risk for more serious underlying medical conditions. We can help.

Our customized treatment begins with a diagnostic vascular ultrasound of the individual and their very specific treatment plan. Once we assess the the problem, we employ cutting-edge treatments that combine the strength of multiple healing factors, including Radio Frequency Ablation and Varithena™ foam injections.

The best part is our treatments can be covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most Major Insurances.

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We Provide Compassion, Support, And Healing

We understand that every patient and every diagnosis is unique. We always take the time to get to know each of our patients to understand the specific health conditions that lead to their symptoms.

  • Skin Changes / Discoloration
  • Leg Pain / Aching / Cramping
  • Leg & Ankle Swelling
  • Heavy Feeling in Legs
  • Sharp Pains/ Tingling
  • Leg Restlessness
  • Leg Itching / Burning / Numbness
  • Aesthetic Appearance of Legs

Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled care. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with the highest degree of care and compassion

We Can Help

Halt A Progressive Condition That Will Worsen Over Time

How We Get it Done

What to expect from a Radio Frequency Ablation or Varithena™ Foam Injections

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Get Back To Your Best Life

We accept multiple forms of insurance, including Medicare & AHCCCS. Check out the section below or give us a call at our office to discuss pricing solutions.

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How it Works

  • Bob S
    I have seen significant improvement since I received treatment from Restore.
    Bob S
  • Molly
    My experience with Restore Vascular Center has been nothing but amazing. The staff really takes the time to get to know who you are, your background, your concerns, and makes me feel comfortable coming in. Kyle, Zack and Christina are the wonderful faces I see every time I come in and they are always so welcoming. The doctors are just as great!
  • David S
    This place is fresh, clean and well equipped. The Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Shout out to Kyle! . Thank you for the most relaxing afternoon. I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful lasting relationship!
    David S
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